So, here I am almost 3 years later- and I am back.

Realistically, I only started to care about writing again because I happened to be in a funk where all I wanted to do was scream what I was feeling at people- and we are all aware that is not a completely viable option. That being said, for the sake of my mental health and the hope that I can keep whatever relationships I still have somewhat healthy, I decided to resume blogging.

With that, I feel as though it is only fair to give you an update to quantify what has been happening in this mess of a life I am currently living.


  • Graduated High School- Obtained Scholarship so that was pretty awesome
  • Accepted into first choice university
  • Still attending said University
  • Completely unsure of what I want to do in my life. Awesome.


  • Gained many, new positive friends while entering University
  • Lost contact with vast majority of high-school friends
  • Managed to keep one, we will call her B for the sake of anonymity
  • Created amazing memories with new friends
  • All in all, an average progression from high school friendships based purely on proximity to more, meaningful relationships.


  • Ended my longest, 4-year relationship
    • FUN FACT: This was the guy the whole “the boy” post was about 3 years ago
  • Fell in love again, was rejected, kinda still messed up about that one
  • Currently still hooking up with said ex while simultaneously caring deeply for the one that rejected me while also simultaneously open to the chance of new love
  • Conclusion: This is messy, messy buisness.

I feel as though, in this blog, those are the three main topics that will be covered for venting purposes (pending special features on deteriorating family life extracurricular activities).

Until I can find a reason to post again, there is a summary.
The year is 2017, and maybe these posts will keep coming, maybe I will post again in three years- but regardless, this is here and the thought of knowing people may be into view some of the clusterfuck which is my life is somewhat comforting.

Enjoy the ride, kiddos.



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