The Boy

Okay, let’s hold on tight for this one, because as your first major insight into the life of this troubled teen, you are going to hear about the boy, the boy who has managed to:

  1. Make me laugh
  2. Cry
  3. Laugh while I am crying
  4. Have me fall in love
  5. Break my heart
  6. Make me forget all the stupid things and fall farther into the love

Okay well there is the first one, 

make me laugh

He just has this tendency to say inane and ridiculous stuff that makes me question his sense and level of maturity, but by me laughing at it, I don’t think that justifies much for me. Shit.

Then we have the one that truly did inspire this blog post


Now, If there is one thing this boy can do, it is make me cry. He can say stupid and mean things, or even be a complete and total dumbass, and he has the audacity to think that none of it effects me. Not to mention the “conversations” he has with other girls that are nearly identical to the ones we have.


make me laugh while I am crying

Self explanatory. He reaches stage 2, and resorts to stage 1. Whether it be sarcastic comments, sex, or even the jokes… he fixes it, he always has the final word

Then there is

make me fall in love

Well, I have been with many a boy, and I don’t know how to describe it, he is perfect. He is my perfect and he has done what no other could, make me fall hopelessly in love and wrapped around his finger.

Break my heart

We come back to the idiocy that is him. He says stupid, hurtful and untrue things. He never means them, never, but every time he says them… my heart just breaks. We could also compile a list of stupid things he has done, but that could make this post longer than it needs to be

Make me forget all the stupid things and fall farther into the love

I have no clue on God’s green earth why one would stay with someone that causes them distress… but let’s be honest, name a relationship that doesn’t go up shit creak every now and then. He just,

He makes my life crazy, and imperfect and irrational. He makes me go insane, and lack control all at once. He is my sun, and he keeps me smiling. He will make you cry, but laugh harder and he is the one I know I want to spend the rest of my life with. He makes my life all the things listed, but hey… that’s the kind of person I am.

Look at him

He is perfect

He is The Boy 


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